Kate L.
We had a great first experience at Safe Haven's last week. This was the first time my dog didn't need to be sedated for a nail trim. The doctor and aide were very calm and inviting for my nervous dogs! Thank you-


Peggy Sue C.
I drive a semi truck. So it is hard for me to schedule anything. They have always managed to work my dogs in. They are awesome people who care about animals!


Kassity S.
Best place in Mitchell! Thank you so much for doing a house call today for our very shy great dane Macy!! Dr Heezen is the first new person I haven't seen her run & hide from!

 Mary Lou J.

We were traveling back to Orlando in our Rv when we decided that our Standard Poodle, Robear, needed to see a veterinarian immediately. Knowing that we planned to spend the night in Mitchell I began to research animal hospitals. I read a review that was very similar to our situation so I called for a late afternoon appointment. the receptionist was wonderful in handling us as though we were long-time clients. The doc covering the practice that day was OUTSTANDING!! Robear was up walking on his injured paw the very next day. THANK YOU SAFE HAVEN.

Sue C.

Molly has been seeing  Dr. Heezen the past few months for spine and shoulder pain. The pains that come with aging!! Molly is 14 years old and we wanted to find something that is less painful as possible. We started with the MLS laser treatments.. It is painless and takes just a few minutes to do..well we are very happy to say she has made a major turn around and is back to playing and using the stairs. She is now 14 years young!! Happy dog,,,happy owner,, thank you so much for all the care! Sue & Molly

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